33 Random Facts About "Me".

  1. Happily married to my high-school sweetheart.
  2. I own two birds named Possum & Suki.
  3. I love cottage-cheese and tomatoes.
  4. People usually describe my home as "storybook" like, hence the name.
  5. I drink way to much coffee.
  6. I collect vintage wedding-cake-toppers.
  7. I have an antique-dressform named Claire.
  8. We own a little Cairn Terrier (Toto-dog) named Meghan.
  9. 80% of my wardrobe is purchased from Anthropologie.
  10. I'd rather have pretty clothes & shoes more than any other material belonging.
  11. I've been with Starbucks Coffee Company for almost 10 years.
  12. I live in the oldest neighborhood in my town.
  13. I'm really organized.
  14. I have a fish pond in our backyard.
  15. Our home is circled with an 80 year old grape-stake-fence.
  16. San Fransisco is my favorite city.
  17. Sleep is more important than food.
  18. I drive a newer Red Volkswagon Beetle.
  19. Decorating is a passion.
  20. I love vintage photographs of children.
  21. My front door is bright apple red.
  22. A famous actor has a home around the corner from me :Jeremy Renner: :P
  23. My favorite childrens book is "The Story of Ferdinand".
  24. I'd really like to visit New York City during Christmas.
  25. I've always loved forest gnomes.
  26. I love buying gifts for others, more than for myself.
  27. I REALLY want to visit Walt Disneys Club-33, in Disneyland!!!
  28. My hair is much longer than in the above photo.
  29. I really prefer cats over dogs.
  30. I love antique/vintage porch lights.
  31. I love my being in my 30's.
  32. I think firefighters in their uniforms are hot!
  33. I've had night-terrors since I was a little girl :(
~ Quite a few things about me, the story behind the blog per-say. I'm learning to work my camera, I hope to post pics soon :) ::stay.tuned::
I hope ya'll have a peaceful week ahead.


  1. what a fantastic list! i love 'ferdinand' myself...have you read the 'skippyjohnjones' books? if not, get to the library right away. {you have to read them out loud for full affect}
    nice to find your cute blog.

  2. Interesting! I would love to see some pics of the inside of your house. I need some inspiration for mine!!

  3. ps... Have you seen that Orla Kiely stuff at Target yet? I LOVE it! (but waiting for clearance ☺)

  4. Hi! I just love your blog! I found it via your Etsy site (i recently bought two cloches from you). funny thing- I have a vintage dress form named Edna! :-)


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