In Which All Is Filled With Love..

Give or take some extra hugs and kisses and cuddles today! Ok?

I know, I've never been a huge fan of Valentines day, I don't know why really. Don't get me wrong, I am all for romance & love*lol*. I just thinks it's gotten too "spend-y and stress-y". I do have some wonderful memories though, especially as a child. Those Valentines Day parties in school are the most memorable of all. I just loved, loved making my V-Day mailbox for my desk. Paper doilies, construction paper and glitter ::sigh::, Good Times! My parents made V-Day a big deal. I was spoiled rotten. My mother always made it so special every year. I really looked forward to it. It's just the little things that make me happy for today. Writing little Valentines to friends and family, little V-Day candies, baking, and eating(of course).
I did have a lovely day with my sweet-pea. Breakfast in bed, spooning with a kitten or two, opening a most thoughtful present from my Valentine, Indian Food for dinner, than snuggling with my new present( the above warm, cozy, combed wool throw blanket) with a good book and my favorite cup-o-tea.

Sounds perfect? Well, it was, for me ;). I hope your day was perfect in your own way! Bye for now...
Big xo's

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  1. My parents always made a huge deal of valentine's day as well {along with every other holiday!} I always had the biggest best-usually with moving parts-valentines box. what fun.


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