A Nightime Kitchen & Breakfast Nook

Picture taking for blogs is fun..huh? Well,

this is snippets of my kitchen, above is the breakfast nook.
I just picked up this crochet tablecloth while thrifting. Isn't it lovely? Funny thing actually, the little "mens heads" you see there started when I picked up one, again while thrifting. Now for the past few years it's started as a collection. It really was not intentional. They are very intriguing though, each hand painted in England by Bossons, and so very detailed. I really want to stop.*lol*... I have so many now, I'm running out of wall space on that side.

I also recently took off my cabinet doors, I think I like it. I added some good ole Ikea lighting to brighten them up a bit. I think it keeps it interesting and at the same time shows off some of my favorite dishes and what not. It also helps keep you not so clutter-y, you can't very well hide a mess with no doors.

This is my little coffee/tea station :) I also picked up a slew of these vintage "bar towels", while thrifting of course. They are super cool. Each one a different color with a different kind of liquor or beer.

Now, I'd like you to meet Hinne, one of my many forest gnomes. He is probably my favorite! He keeps me company while I'm cooking. Along with his little squirrel friend ( a target find).

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  1. Oh my I just love your home! Are you sure you are not ms.emily's sister? You must show more:) The yellow chair is that a high chair? Love it


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