Saturday Afternoon...

Grey-Velvet Jacket~Anthro
Layered Camis~ ??
Silk Ribbon/Bow~Target
Brown-Velvet Skirt~Anthro(new)
MaryJane Heels~Born

...was really no fun at all :(
Hubby worked :(
.....boring day!
But I was productive,
I cleaned the bathroom, did laundry, dishes and cleaned up the back porch.
It all needed to be done anyways, I'm glad its over.
I'm tired!
I did fit in a bit of shopping though,
I picked up two adorable Max-Studio dresses.
I also wanted to share my favorite brooch ever!!!
Made from a lovely, talented Etsy seller
"Oh My Cavalier"
Julianna has the coolest, whimsical characters in her drawings.
Her wolves are my favorite, I just love em so much it hurts me :)
Check him out!

Isn't he gorgeous? With that vintage ribbon and all?

Thank you Julianna!!!

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