Staying Cool

So I picked this up today. I'm very excited, it's really cool. I'm doing my part keeping "green" and it's really cute. Perfectly sized for my morning and not-so-morning cups of coffee. I think it's going to be fun fooling people that it's porcelain and not a paper cup. Should bring a few smiles
and I hope it holds up for me and doesn't break, it is a bit fragile.

I had a really nice Saturday! Beautiful sunny, but cool day in my area of California. I just love our weather, most of the time, we always have a few months of warm, a few of hot, a few of cool. Well you get the idea. So today was one of those perfect spring-like days. As soon as I find the perfect camera for me I will begin to post pictures. I'm hoping to make some "blogging friends" soon, so please feel free to visit now and then, and leave a comment if you wish to :) I will certainly return the favor. Well I'm off to do some cuddling/spooning with one or two, if they allow it, sweet but bossy kittys. I am owned by two cats. A Ragdoll Cat, Gideon aka:BooBoo and
a Norwegian Forest Cat, JuneBug aka:Goose.

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