Grandpa/Grandma Sweater

Good Afternoon!

I thought that this outfit was appropriate for the spring-like weather today.
Felt like mid 70's to me, but I don't keep up on the actual temps daily. I can say that it was breathtaking beautiful though! I hope whatever neck of the woods you are in it was pleasant for you.

I call this cardigan half grandpa, half grandma's. It is a "grandpa" fit, but has such lovely lace and buttons that's worthy for grandma too. I love it to pieces, it's so soft and fits so nicely.
Anthropologie clothing fits me so good, that's why I always return. Even with their outrageous price tags, I just feel it's so worth the feminine feeling it gives me. I shop a lot in their "sales room", that just makes me want to buy twice as much ;)

Over-the-knee stockings~ Sock Dreams
Heart Necklace~Vintage
These socks I've had a couple years, they stay up miraculously well. So if your in the need of some really nice knee-highs, check out their shop.

I'm working on opening up my Etsy-Shop tonight. I hope to have it up and running very soon. I hope you will visit it, if your on the hunt for neat, can't live without, vintage goodness!
bye for now,

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