About A Boy

I'd like you to meet someone:

A special guy....my gentle, loving husband. He and I play house in a two-story blue/gray cottage, with a old-grape-stake-fence in the front and a fish pond in the back.

Love At First Sight?

Yep..... and my high school sweetheart!

I'll never forget the first time I seen Stephen...I was sitting on the street curb with friends. I heard a group of boys walk up behind me, voices I wasn't familiar with. I swear, as I looked up over my shoulder, beams of light shined on him, I know it sounds silly, but it's true. I was in awe at this tall, silly acting boy.

That was 1987.
We married 1990.

I wish I knew the secret to a long, happy marriage. I guess if "I" could sum it up into one word for you it would be:



  1. Lovely house!! I love the color and your yard!

  2. Gorgeous house and a very sweet post!! Love it...Trust, so true!


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