How Soon Is Now

Just a random title to this post.
It's actually a title to one of my most-favorite-songs
of all time!

I added a song-playlist to my blog today-(below).
Many songs I love!
Please keep in mind that I am an 80's girl ;)
Fantastic music from my youth, such great memories.
The Smiths, The Cure, The Thompson Twins!
There's not too much about the 80's that I loved. But the music...was the best!
It was something about those British Bands! :P

Anyhoo....I hope my playlist isn't too annoying for you. I hope some of you may enjoy it :)

"Yesterdays Ensemble":
Dress~Max Studio
Sweater~Jean Pierre
Tights~Hue(of course)
Wooden-Brooch~ ? Gift

I'm looking forward to the weekend!
I haven't visited Anthro in a whole month and shopping online is just not cutting it for me, it's just not the same...ya know?
Happy Thursday!


  1. The words 'lovely' and 'wonderful' are so classic. It sounds like a soft breeze on a warm day or the warmth of a scarf on a chilly night.

    P.S. I like your blog! :-)

  2. That brooch is amazing! I was immediately reminded of the "Neverending Story" when they are flying through the air ☺


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