A Silk Poppy

Happy Saturday Lovely-Blog-Friend-Readers!
I'm soooo craving Indian Food, it's not even funny.
SO I think I may have to take care of that tonight :)

Aren't packages in the mail the best, gosh it's the best feeling. Agree? That makes ordering from the internet so appealing. I'd kiss my mailman each day, but he's kinda creepy.

I've really been on an Etsy-trip these days. Goodness I love that place so much!
So I got this lovely, vintage silk poppy brooch today from Foundling on Etsy. It's so pretty!
Some of my favorite things to have and wear are recycled goodies from past things that were once loved. Makes me happy :)

My Beloved-Boots~Anthro
Necklace~Vintage Skeleton Key
Brooch~Recycled Vintage Silk



  1. Hi! I've been meaning to take a moment to comment on your blog for a while :) I think we started blogs about the same time. I'm also etsy addicted, and haunt all the blogs you list in your links.

    That's a beautiful brooche. And I also love your yummy brown boots in that pic!

  2. Oh, and I love Indian food. In fact I was planning on making it tonight, but my plans were derailed, and now I am making soup. This will just make me crave Indian food more. Were you able to get some to fill your craving?

  3. Indian food? YUMMO!!! LOVE your outfit. You have got to have THE cutest clothes! Have you been to Remember When Antiques? Rumble and McHenry. There are some cute clothes/boots/shoes on consignment there. I have a space there, too.

    YES, that is Elmwood Court on my blog. My friend, Shirley, lived in the cottage with the grape stick fence..down from the former YELLOW french cottage. I don't know the folks who bought it and painted it, but I do know who the lady was that owned it before. LOVE that area and Mediterranean Market for breakfast!!!!

    Have a lovely weekend,

  4. Love indian food. There is a place here in Portland that has a lunch buffet - look out! I ordered a poppy brooch too from etsy and just loooove it. Great outfit!


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