Where, You Tend A Rose...

Come take a little walk with me?
Around the grounds of our little cottage?

Ok than...come along!

Why hello little bunny...are you lost?

Below..hanging there is my most favorite variety of the Fern Family.
"Rabbit's Foot Fern"
I have the best of luck with this species of fern, but I just love its texture, pretty little leaves and my favorite of course is the little rabbit feet legs!

Your always welcome to my garden!

Birdie... are you in there?

Aww...64', the perfect temperature!

Oh... please close the gate behind you....thank you!

Well that's it for now...I hope you enjoyed walking with me. Would you like to come in for a cup of tea? Or coffee?

You would?


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  1. Oh your garden is so nice and green. We just are getting spring here. Can't wait. I think I will come in for a nice cold pop:) Have a great day.Elma


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