All Work......Really!

All work and no play?

Nah...today was my thrifting day, yes all work, but all fun!
That's what's so great about my little Etsy store. Shopping for all kinds of cool old treasures and making a few pennies on the side. Ya know, anything I profit from just funds my Etsy addiction.
It's just a vicious circle :D

Anyhoo.... this was my thrifting attire for today.
Rain, sun, rain, sun, clouds and sun. This was today's weather here in my little area of California. Kinda crazy, but so pretty.

Cardigan~Max Studio
Boots~Anthro(last year)

So strange taking your own picture and looking straight into the camera.

Just feels weird.

It's just different when someone else takes your picture and you look into the camera and say "cheese".

Ya know what I mean?


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