Pretty In Pink?

Happy Monday Friendly Readers!

I hope your weekend was dandy, as is the start of the new week for you!
I was quite the happy-camper yesterday....an Ikea trip & Anthro_______ {wink wink}.
We have to drive quite a ways for this trip....I was very happy, a Swedish meatball lunch and all!!
What more could a girl ask for?

So this is my ensemble yesterday... pink? I know, I know I'm really not a pink-y person. Some pieces mixed with other colors are OK in my book. Peeps say I look good in pink, I don't know.. must be the blond hair ;)

Knitted Camisole~Thrifted
Star Rhinestone Brooch~ Ebay'd
Charm Bracelet~Vintage Thrifted

Oh BooBoo...your always in my pictures. I swear this guy wants in all my photos :)

I wanted to share one of beloved charm bracelets.
Do you love these things like I do?
I don't know there's just something mysterious and enchanting about them.
Little stories on a chain.
This one is especially lovely...probably belonged to some little lady. Her childrens silhouette charms with their birth dates engraved. Little mustard seed.... looks like she's been to Reno, and an old western town.
This is one of a few I've found over the last year.

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  1. ikea and anthro? Yes, that would be a good weekend :) You do look fabulous is pink!


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