Sunny Monday


Another Monday*sigh*..... only one more day until my "vacation" from work is o.v.e.r! :(
Oh well...what can you do?

Go thrifting? That's what I can do :)

Left to Right:
1. Swan Napkin Rings
2.Granny-Style Leather Boots
3.Sunny Yellow Mugs
4.Very Cool...Pillow

Such a nice day, sunny day today. So I took my vintage finds outdoors for their photography shoot. The lighting was just perfect!
Here's a peak of my new thing-y's added to my shop.

I really take the time and hunt for the perfect items to add to my shop. I tend to lean toward things that reflect me, my shop and my personality. I carefully choose things. I see the beauty, potential..... just something special in certain finds.
I have the hardest time letting go...sometimes. I am getting better though. I know that people interested, see that special gleam just as I had.

1.Vintage Childs Book of Knowledge
2. Small Wooden Shadow Box
3. Vintage Wire Plastic Fruit Basket
4. Another- Vintage Readers Digest Picture Book

That's what makes this job so, very fun!

Happy Sunny Monday...

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  1. Great finds! I love the boots and shadow box!! I know - it is hard to let go sometimes. Occasionally I will hold onto something until I am ready to let it go - that helps.


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