Lotsa, lotsa new treasures for the shop!
Lotsa driving, lotsa thrifting, lotsa picture taking.
Is "lotsa" a word?


I'm not complaining though. I thoroughly enjoy it!
I'm just really tired today. It's really windy....that doesn't help!

Some lovely things that I scavenged today!
If there is anything that tickles your fancy, I'll try to get them in my shoppe tonight.

A little collage-o-rama for your viewing pleasure!

From left to right:
  1. Set 6 vintage leaf bowls.
  2. Vintage plastic goose measuring cups.
  3. Vintage made in England porcelain cottages.
  4. Vintage Tupperware Cafeteria Trays.

  1. Vintage animal cookie cutters.
  2. Vintage framed child's book cover.
  3. Vintage small lazy Susan.
  4. Vintage framed child's book page.

  1. Vintage made in japan ceramic bird.
  2. Vintage bird bottle opener.
  3. Vintage picture.
  4. 1940's wedding cake topper.
  5. And... more not shown!

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