Found Treasures

Good morning sun shines!

Lotsa, lotsa newbies listed in
my shoppe.
Come see here.

Cute, adorable, charming goodies!

I feel so lucky sometimes.
Lucky is good? Right?

From left to right:1. Pair Charming Metal Frames.
2. Little Primitive Red Stool.
3. Red Polka Dot Teapot.
4. Brass/Marble Bird Napkin Holder.

1. Vintage Wooden Cup Holder.
2. Vintage Apothecary Milk Glass Jar.
3. Vintage Milk Glass Dish.
4. Vintage Wooden Handled Bell.

1. Vintage Carved Wooden Basket.
2. England Creamer.
3. Vintage Odd Shaped Milk Glass Dish.
4. Vintage Wooden Baby Blocks.

last but not least:

since my favorite antique street faire earlier this month was rained out.
I've made plans to attend the Pleasanton Antique Street Faire this Sunday!


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  1. Wonderful finds once again my dear! I love the gold toned picture frames so much~~R


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