Rain, Rain Go Away

Yes, sad to say.
This was what it looked like today.
Only two times a year comes this awesome antique street faire. And when they say street it's literally on a street. Not such a good thing when it's raining. We arrived about 9:30 this morning and the rain had stopped a little bit. Come to find out at 7:30 they had a huge down pour and a lot of the antique vendors headed home :(
So it wasn't too bad at first, it let up and we were able to do a little bit of shopping. But not much, I felt like we had to hurry because of the clouds.

I tried to keep my mind focused! So hard to do when all I want to do is buy for my shoppe. I told myself that today was for me. But I found myself thinking about others, my shoppe and not myself. I picked up some lovely things, I'll try to have them in ye 'ole shoppe this week. But until then I thought I'd share a few things that tickled my fancy and caught my eye (Special finds for me).

This adorable little miniature floating vessel, I'm so very intrigued by "ships", old Pirate Ships, Schooner's. They're so mysterious and magical! This one was hard to photograph, but it's just the sweetest!

Another vintage silhouette for my collection. I love these silhouettes from Disneyland. When you find them, the older ones all have wooden frames. When we visited Disneyland in December, and had our own silhouettes cut, they are now made of plastic :(
They are really hard to find, but when I'm shopping I'm always on the hunt for them.
People say they creep them out, I have them all hung over our bed. It's a very dramatic look, and I just love it! They are so enchanting and haunting at the same time. Two things I adore!

These little beauties ended our visit so nicely!

The antique faire is held on a strip of town that is the historic part, all the cutest little shoppes join in and have little tables with there goods on them. Walking by this charming bakery and I thought hmmm, "Hold my umbrella." I said to Mr Friend and I went in and asked about French Macarons. The guy is like "Oh yeah, come on in and sample one". Of course, by heart skipped a beat. I've never found a bakery that makes them. He proceeds and brings out a coconut macaron :(
I glady accepted the sample, told him how yummy it was and sadly stated it was not what I was looking for, but that this was still delicious.
He went to the back and this little Asian lady came out and I explained what I was looking for.
I'll tell ya she looked so puzzled, as if she had no idea what I was talking about. She took a good five minutes, and out she came with a lovely plate of these--HOORAY!

"I'll take them all!", I said.
And off I went into the sunset.....well not really. But it was the end to an almost perfect day!

Aren't they pretty?

Mr. Friend is cooking me some deep fried Catfish and Jambalaya, and guess what's for desert?

Ugh....after tonight, I'll need to diet for two weeks ;)


  1. Oh what a bummer that it had to rain. Isn't that the way it goes sometimes. Glad you found yourself some tresures:) Have a great night:)Elma

  2. I love silhouettes, too! I am currently collecting them for my bedroom...

  3. Hi Michelle..thanks for coming by to visit my blog. It's nice to meet you. I have those Disney silhouettes for my kids too (plastic frames). Our Asian market makes those yummy macaroons. Unfortunately or perhaps fortunately for my shape, I don't care for the macaroon flavor! Yey, no diet for me! haha I will stop by again...in the meantime...

    Stay Cozy, Carrie

  4. I LOVE vintage silhouttes, i wish i could find some decent ones!! This one is beautiful!!

  5. Too bad it rained and the vendors left :( It has been raining so hard here all week too. I too love old ships - that is a great find!
    Have a great weekend!!


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