Things To Share...

...that have made me happy!

Below are some things I've picked up for myself here and there.
I've recently had some wonderful thrifting trips, especially this week!
I need to get on the ball and get them listed!
I've been so, so busy! Working(my regular job) more than ever these last few weeks and the shoppe is doing so very well-THANK YOU for that! Thanks for your support!
I'm having so much fun.

I picked up these awesome GINORMOUS wooden spools of thread. I smile each time I look at them.

An adorable old folding ruler!

A now favorite tin from the adorable Rebekah!

A charming squirrel from Urbans-super clearance :D

And...I wanted to share this little short story! Whimsical and ever so charming story about a boy and his magical balloon. Maybe your familiar with it, maybe your not....I could watch it 1000 times!!!
"The Red Balloon"


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  1. I LOVE the red balloon! It reminds me of being a kid...I remember watching it in elementary school. I found the book not too long aho on a thrifting trip and kept it for myself :)
    Those spools are hilarious! HUGE!
    I'm glad you liked your tin. I thought it was so pretty when I found it. Glad to hear your shop is doing well - YAY!


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