Furry & Not So Furry Friends

I have owned alot of pets in my life:

  1. dogs
  2. cats
  3. rats
  4. hamsters
  5. ferrets
  6. fish
  7. birds
  8. snakes
  9. lizards
  10. frogs
  11. spiders
  12. turtles/tortoises
  13. chinchillas

That's over a twenty year span, I can't imagine owning them all at once{lol}.

It all began working in a pet shoppe during high school.

One pet I haven't owned and want to.. is........


I really want chickens!!!
Yes, chickens to love ;)
Not to eat!
I found the sweetest old wire egg basket, which I'll be listing in the shoppe. But I have wishful thinking of gathering fresh little chicken eggs with it for mornings breakfast.
Stephen wants them too. Just a few little ones, miniature chickens{hens}. He'd actually like to have a rooster, which I'm sure is a NO.NO since we live in a "town". Heck... I don't even know if we could own chickens because we don't live in the country. But when we visited the wine country, a few weeks ago, we found a little old man that hand-made coops, from re-purposed redwood. They were so charming!



  1. i did have chickens once! they were great- until my parents sent them off to a "farm" (hint: no store-bought chicken on our dinner plates for 6 months). it was awful! but i would love to have chickens again...to love on, not eat. :-)

  2. Fresh eggs would be nice in the morning!

  3. oooh i SOOoooo want chickens too!
    in fact the other day i was asking
    my boyfriend if hed like some too!
    i love the red ones
    so beautiful
    xoxo ♥ xoxo

  4. I too think it would be wonderful to own chickens! But in our subdivision, I'm sure it would be a no no! Hope your weekend was great...

    :) T

  5. Oh! ladies I live in Escalon CA and have some lovely chickens and roosters that need a good home. I have to many. This June my friend gave me a rooster and two hens, I now have about 4o chickens and roosters. They are to young so I do now know what sex they are. I do not have any bugs in my yard anymore. In the mornings they are off to the neighbors yard, they are happy to have them visit. So if anyone really wants some chickens let me know. Sandi


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