Road Trip


Just returned from a Napa/Sonoma road trip!
We had a nice getaway including lots of driving, alot of junk food and alot of thrift shopping!

We have family that lives in a tiny town outside of Santa Rosa named Windsor.
Saturday we spent half the day in Ukiah. The town where Mr. Friend calls home. There's not too much to do there, so we just drove around and reminisced on days past. Fun memories!
We ate at my all time favorite place to eat in the world.... "The Mutt Hutt".
A neat little unique, all organic cafe. They have a tofu/rice plate that I crave each time I visit Ukiah. I ate there all the time as a teenager.

We visited some wonderful Salvation Army, Goodwill and antique stores along the way. I should have a good, big update coming up here soon. Picked up an assortment of picture frames, lots of Apothecary jars, a couple really cool mailboxes, some neat wooden shelves..... the list goes on and on and shall be busy for awhile.
Luckily I am on vacation this week.
I'll keep ya posted!

So I should be able to focus on the shoppe.

........ and I'll see you soon!


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