Wrapped.Packed & Ready To Go


These last few weeks have been a little dilemma in my little two story cottage.
My formal dining room has become my "Shop". Shipping & Receiving! I was having difficultly wrapping and packing orders, while still having a "living" room. Well.... not anymore. I have now made my own work space for all the fun stuff.
Just what I envisioned!
Originally my idea was to have a little vintage table for wrapping and for my supplies, after hunting and hunting and no luck and just about to give up. I decided "Forget this", "I will never find what I really want". So I said to myself..."I'm just going to ye ole Home Depot and just buy a plain old folding card table, and just add a vintage tablecloth".
Well, just as I thought this and got in my car from my favorite thrift store. I drove around the back of the store {where donations are dropped off} and what to my wondering eyes did appear?
I swear it was fate.... I'm not kidding.
Right in front of me and my car was this old, very old folding sewing table!! She was meant to me mine. The timing of course, not better. I love it when things happen for me like this. And it's not too often, but I admit I do get lucky at times and I'm always extremely grateful.

And at only $9.99
And 40% off of furniture that day.... ONLY 6.49?
Can't explain how happy this little table made me that day!

Isn't she pretty?
Lovely wooden top and she's really heavy. Very well-made! I picture her being used in WWII, in sewing rooms, I can just see little 1940's ladies sewing for the soldiers on these little tables. There's a little punch out {for the sewing machine} on the top {that opens & closes}, that you can't see very well in my pictures.

Over the last 6 months or so, I have been collecting all things vintage for my shipping supplies.
Just about everything I use is vintage, wrapping materials, string, stamps. My large old picnic baskets are for storage. Those old file cabinets have come in handy.

I got lucky one day.
I think a flower shop had gone out of business and donated lots of supplies like this wrapping paper holder and spools & spools of vintage ribbons and things. Hooray for making orders look pretty!

I've owned that little sewing-tape-measure for years, one of those things I have a strange attachment to :)

A couple of Etsy Purchases for my table.

An adorable brass clip-y holder{above}.

This stamp holder is perfect{below}. Also an Etsy purchase.

More supplies and things collected!


I also landed a cool estate sale this morning, and a brand new thrift store opened.

I have some cool things coming soon. Like this sweet little baby bear. A little shabby chalk ware piece that has seen better days...... I love them chippy. I think there even more special.


  1. your workspace is so inspiring! i especially love your new table and the wrapping paper holder. can't wait to see what new goodies you have for your shop!

  2. hi sweet petal! :)
    here you go:
    go to customize, go to layout
    and edit the blog posts!
    (there is a big box that says [blog posts]
    and an edit button at the bottom.)
    thats the door to narnia! :)
    and if you would be so kind....
    can you help me learn how
    to make little hearts? :)

  3. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
    ah! i never knew that :)
    yaaaaaaaaaay! thanks!

    you know it took me forever to find that too!
    and also.. it took me forever to REfind it to tell you
    so dont feel bad! :) ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  4. What a nice table!! The price is great to!! Have a wonderful week:)

  5. Yeah for having a fun, creative space of your own! I think it was fate...the table is great!!! And I love that paper cutter too :)


  6. Your table is so great! I have never seen one around here (Calif) It is fun to think of all the hours and hours of sewing and who else used the table. If tables could talk. Thank you for following my blog. Sandi

  7. Yes it was meant to be the table had your name on it. Very nice! A friend found me an vintage paper holder she needs a little work, but I can't wait to use her.

  8. It is perfect! PERFECT! I love how your packing station is looking!!

  9. That table is so pretty! The same thing happened to me one day. I was looking for a little desk where I could keep my jewelry making supplies, and I found the perfect little table at my fav thrift store for only $7! It looks like someone used it as a sewing table b/c it has a ruler painted on one edge.

  10. I am in desperate need for a table just like yours!! What a wonderful find! I am going through and enjoying your blog!



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