Fall Cleaning

Yeah...lots of talk in Blogland about Fall!

I'm feeling it myself, slightly.

Crisp smell in the air. But mostly the lighting, the sun rays. Do you know what I mean? Just the way the light comes in through my windows.... the shadows, the not-so-bright light anymore. I'm loving it as well, like so many other lovely people/lovely blogs.

I'm exhausted, as I type out loud tonight. My excite-ness that September is here and Autumn is near has got me in the mood to clean. So this is a pretty-much-boring post on my cleaning day.

It feels good though! Floors have been swept and mopped. Dust-bunnies have hopped away! Laundry for days is GONE! My treasures waiting to be listed have been organized! Kitchen had a scrub down!

This lovely gal is pretty happy too. She's so happy when I'm busy running around the house, she's probably laughing at me scurrying around crazily, one hundred miles an hour.

She was acting quite silly though, I think all she wanted was her picture taken!

She's kept me company, in this quiet cottage. Sharing words like, "Pretty, pretty girl!", "Whatcha doing?". "Hi Baby!". She talks ALOT!

Possum's such a sweetie!
love you, pretty girl {mwah}


  1. oh what a lovely productive day you've had! i love that exhausted but peaceful feeling that comes after a day of cleaning, when you can just rest and bask in the cleanliness. and that sweet Possum reminds me of my childhood bird, Kramer, a cockatiel. is yours a cockatoo? thanks for the encouragement by the way- i'm feeling better this morning. boy, i was really worked up last night! :-)

  2. That sounds like a wonderful day :) Looooove your bird!

  3. Lovely day...I adore Possum...I would love a little happy bird like that around me!

  4. I'm so jealous! I really need to get organized this weekend!


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