An Afternoon

I'm so very, very happy I can begin to wear my most favorite footwear.

Very pretty outdoors today!

So this is what I'm wearing.


I was invited today by one of the sweetest blogger's and incredibly pretty, Miss.Becky of Sweet Cottage Dreams. Invited to come to a SALE, she and a few of her friends were hosting. I'm usually not really into yard sales, because they're usually so disappointing. But Becky and her friends sale was FABULOUS! Definitely my kind of yard sale ;)

We enjoyed walking through the yard, and found these two Italian Flip-Top Glass Bottles. Mr. Friend and I had a charming dinner last week at a local cafe, walking distance from our home. We don't usually order drinks when eating out, rather just order H2O. Well, this little cafe delivered the most charming way of serving water. They served a chilled glass bottle just like these.... I was quite intrigued by the idea... though I'm sure many of you have seen before?
Felt like I was being served in Italy. As we sat enjoying our H2O, I happened to read the bottom of the bottle, stamped IKEA. So with a little research I found out that those bottles can only be purchased overseas :(

I don't know maybe they've been around awhile @ the IKEA's in the USA and I missed 'em.
Anyhoo..... here they are and I'm thrilled to find them. It will be so nice and fancy to store my chilled filtered water in them! {I get excited with the small things in life, as you can see}.
Originally Mr. Friend wanted them for his Home Brew, but I talked him out of it, isn't he sweet ;)


  1. Okay, I thought your boots were fabulous until I saw that brooch! AMazing! You are adorable!


  2. love that outfit...those boots are especially awesome! you have such great style! by the way- i am jealous of your pet rock (of course, i remember them! i have two older sisters and i myself am one year shy of the big 3-0..yikes!)

  3. Oh - those are really lovely! Love your outfit too :)

  4. What's this about an accident? Glad you are ok. You look adorable as always. Maybe you can give me a makeover someday. Let's do lunch soon.

  5. I love your outfit!! adorable dress and the boots and the brooch! wonderful indeed! :)

  6. Hi!
    Thank you for visiting my blog:)
    LOVE your outfit and boots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So~ envious of your new old table, too :)
    What a charming blog! I'll be coming back :):):)


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