Shoppe Update {finally}

A Mary Poppins Umbrella.

I didn't realize how long it's been since I've updated the shoppe!
Geez.... the days pass by so quickly!

Anyhow.... enclosed is a little peek of a few lovely things. I've spent the better part of the day updating, I was really behind. I think I listed something like 33 items.....PHEW!
That was too much to do all at one time and I will definitely work on not doing that again.

"Oh, my aching back!" {lol}
and fingers!

Now for your viewing pleasures:

1. Vintage Nativity Scene
2. Vintage Brass and Glass Case{sold}
3. Vintage Burberrys Wool Cloche
4. Set Of Vintage Brass Picture Frames

1. Clipboard With Bird Print
2. Lovely Group OF Giant Paper Clips
3. Vintage Mouse Planter
4. Vintage Glass Display Bubble {sold}

Very excited for the weekend! I'm going somewhere pretty special, in my book, on Sunday. I'll share more later ;)

It feels good having my shoppe more up-to-date though.

A good start to a weekend!


  1. wow! you certainly had a busy day!! you've got some awesome new things in your shop! of course, you know i love that wonder ball ;-)

  2. WOW! That is a lot to list at one time. I can usualy do about 8 and then I am DONE! Wonderful stuff Michelle!!!!!!!! I am dying for that hat :)

  3. i just discovered your work in the folk crafts group
    i love the way your mind and art works.


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