A Bear. A Cart. A Blanket & A Bag

First off....
....Happy November!

Yes, I was excited for the weekend!!!
In the wee morning hours, Mr. Friend and I headed here!

My new favorite place to go. It's the first Sunday of every month. Hooray!
It's really beautiful, the San Fransisco city sky line across the Bay!!! A perfect location for a flea market.

I wanted to share some of my best-est finds:

A tiny wind-up vintage Japanese toy Bear!
{He just kills me}

So all day, I'd see shoppers here and there pulling around these little vintage metal basket/carts, I was SOOOO wanting one of my own, but none were to be found. Until almost the last isle of the show, I seen one from a distance.
Filled with rolls & rolls of vintage fabric, I was sure it was only for display. BUT.... it wasn't and for $20.00, I thought it was a steal! Mr. Friend says it suits me :)
Though I hadn't used it much because it was the end to our day, he says he'll be able to find me easily, with those squeaky wheels :)

AND... it folds-up!
It's going to come in handy, holding all my diamonds in the rough!

I also picked up this lovely vintage grey military woolen blanket, that I'd have hoped to list in the shoppe. But I've come down stairs many times and secretly seen my other half curled in it on the sofa! So I guess it's here to stay.

I've been wanting to share my new bag from a wonderful etsy shoppe ForestBound.
Alice knew just what I was looking for! A vintage mail bag, lined in antique blue ticking fabric. Isn't it wonderful? My goodness I can't say enough nice things about her bags. If your on the hunt for a good quality re-purposed tote, than please check out her shoppe. Her bags sell quickly so you must be quick ;)

I love it so, so much!!
Definitely my favorite bag in my closet!

and I almost forgot...
...look at Alice's packing skills.

incredibly pretty.

so good.


  1. Lovely finds!!!
    Love the cart and the bag :)
    Are you going to make cover for the cart? I think squeeky sound makes it so special!!

  2. awesome cart and bag- and the little bear is so cute! so glad you had such a great time this weekend! i'm a bit jealous- San Francisco and a Flea Market??!! :-)

  3. I've always dreamed of going to Alameda! How lucky that you are so close. I've thought of getting one of those little metal carts....beats trying to carry it all in your arms! Great stuff :)

  4. That bear is awesome! Adorable :)

  5. Oh my goodness Michelle that purse is amazing, I LOVE it. i have one of those metal carts, I bought one at the flea the other weekend and love it...it beats being loaded down with all the goods and no extra arms for the rest!


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