Cold, Gray and Docs Today

Yes, I do wear jeans from time to time. It's not too often though. I only own one pair, that I wear and they/these are like 10 years old and from Old Navy. Complete with hole in one knee from falling on my face while walking my dog one fall day a couple years ago.
And ..when I do wear pants, it's my favorite Docs that are pulled out of my closet!

This pair I actually found while thrifting. I think they were like $3.99, I have a brown pair as well, so similar. I don't think whomever donated them never, ever, even wore them once.
I own four pairs of Doc Martens, though only one of the four I actually paid full retail price for. Which is well worth there weight in gold, as they last a decade or more. I have found that finding Docs while thrift shopping is easier than you think, keep your eyes peeled, you'd be surprised!

I've owned these a couple of years now, I'd wear them more often if they looked cute with skirts/dresses.
They look like boots but they only come up to my ankle. Reasons I can't get away with wearing them with a dress :)
I think I'd look like a little goth girl if I did. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, if I were 15 years younger.

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  1. Cute! I remember my first pair of Docs, they were green ankle boots. Hmmmm....I should have kept those ;)


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