Fur.r.r.y Things

Good morning!

I found this fox-fur scarf on Friday, while thrifting. I really like it! I've actually been secretly shopping on Etsy & Ebay for a vintage fur scarf of some kind. Whether mink, or fox... etc. it didn't really matter. But... I hadn't really came across one that tickled my fancy.
Than I found this one! Though not vintage it is very nice. Isn't it?
I was lucky and picked it up with it's tags still attached. It had a price tag from Bloomingdales.
It's real fox fur, from Norway it says. It was a bit pricey for me, for a thrift store. It was marked $24.99. Maybe I got a good deal.
Who knows.

Speaking of furry!

Are these two not the cutest furry-french-donkeys you've ever seen?
They can be found in this adorable shop.

Can I please have my very own... furry-miniature-donkey!!!

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