Tombstones With Moss Walk


Well, we're back! From a fun-filled weekend.
So much fun, I hated for it to end :(

It was a beautiful sunny weekend, and as I'd thought:

Good company.
Good food.

Many hours of just being plain silly!

Sunday, before our long drive home, we'd visited the towns cemetery.
Most of Stephen's family{mothers side}is buried here.
They have a family lot, as do most in this 150 year old cemetery.
It was so peaceful strolling through the paths, families of deer running around, squirrels and woodpeckers.... it was an almost wildlife adventure. I was in heaven exploring, so much moss and curiosities everywhere.

I took many, many, MANY photos and thought I'd share my favorites with you.

So beautiful:

This poor little tombstone... I think it says baby.

I know it might seem weird, but my high school is just behind those almond tress in the background.

These two we're really creepy, I should have photographed the other side, see where that brick is exposed? Well, the other side had caved in and you could see inside, literally.....eek!!

I thought this families lot was beautiful, surrounded by these old olive trees and stone.

We parked near this tree, kind of like "The Tree Of Souls", or something.
but in cool-creepy-way!

Too much spookiness for you?


  1. That tiny baby one was so sad. But sweet. I think these old carved stone tombstones are beautiful, just beautiful.

  2. How fun is that, looks like you had a great time.


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