Well... I'm off to do a bunch of things that usually can't be done on a work day.
Fun, fun.
A few stops including the Dr's, the bookstore {actually that is fun!} I'm in some serious need of groceries!! eek! the only things I'm seeing in there edible is Oatmeal, Cheese Nips and a box of After Eights.
Have you had these little chocolate pieces of heaven?
My tastes have definitely changed as I have matured. I never like dark chocolate, let alone mint. I'm also craving chocolate covered marshmallows!! I find as I age, I see a lot of my mother in me{ Hence the chocolate mint and mallows}
Not that that is a bad thing... it's a good thing!
I love my mum.

Layered Tee~Anthro
Skirt~Target{oh my! those wrinkles!}
Pumps~Chie Mihara

Well... I'm off. See you soon.

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  1. Love your outfit! The shoes!! Hope you are out having fun. I think my tastes are NOT maturing. I've been craving hot fudge over vanilla ice cream.


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