Goodbye February

Hello March!

Goodness... March already? Where has the time gone? What ever happened to January?
I can tell already that this year is going to fly by.....

Here are a few new listings I've added to the store:

1. Newspaper Purse.

2. Darling Gold Hummingbirds. ::SOLD::

3. Fancy Bird Art.

4. GINORMOUS Vintage Set Of Playing Cards. ::SOLD::

5. The Courtroom Gavel.

6. Really neat set of very old forks and knives.

7. Charming Nightstand Size Celluloid Framed Loved One ::SOLD::
{one of my favorites}

I hope this weeks starts of good and treats you well!

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  1. Great finds! Love the bird pictures!! I know what you mean about the year flying by...it is crazy. Only 3 months til summer. And yes, you should def. make a trip to Portland if you ever get the chance!!


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