I Need A TearDrop.

I really, really do!

I can picture it now... the cream in my coffee and me. Out on the open road. Let the roads lead the way. How fun would that be? No GPS, just the two of us and a old-fashioned paper map.
Few days on the coast.
Few days in the mountains and forests.

You can find this little charmer here. But please don't buy it because I'll be really, very jealous!

My sweet-pea and me have been wanting one for sometime now.
We always gasp together when we see them on the highway. This one is handmade- sah-weet! But I think ideally we would love to buy one vintage. 1950's-60's.
I can add that one to my really-silly want, want, want list! It's a REALLY big list, ya know.


  1. I don't use the teardrops holes anymore - with a small amount of stretching, even fairly large holes print just fine. Check out the 16 mm diameter horizontal hole on this extruder body:


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