Dresses For Spring.

hello friends!

I'm SO happy today!
I'm officially on vacation. No work for two weeks!! Whoo-hoo!
Something I like to call a stay cation.
Well ... maybe not "no work". I will be tending the store and working on a couple updates soon. But I tend not to think of my store as, work. Technically it is "work", but I enjoy it so, so much ... I always have a hard time looking at it that way =)
We have a couple weekend excursions planned, nothing big. We don't want to venture off too far for too long with the baby ;)

BTW- Baby is doing really well, we decided to name her Eloise. We liked the idea of having a few nicknames and it just really suits her and her personality. Every so often we call her Ella, Elle, or Lulu. It's a fun name.
Potty-training is going so well. She's just so darn smart and is making it so easy for me. I'm truly spoiled.
We just love her so much!
We've bonded so well with her.

Sun-Dress~Anthro {last year}
Pearl Necklace~Vintage {thrifted}

Happy Friday.



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