Braided With Some Yarn

An amazing, beautiful, sunny spring day yesterday in my corner of California!
Just perfect! One of those days you wish were like this everyday of the year.
Just cool enough for a lightweight coat and scarf.
That's my idea of perfect weather.

My Golden Coat, shined by the sun.
Below, todays threads without the Golden Coat.
I'm madly in love with this particular scarf.
Made by an amazing Etsy seller.
I added some red yarn though, I love red!
I get so very many compliments when I wear it.
No work today :D
I love my job, but I LOVE my days off ;)

Braided Scarf~Etsy
Tights~Hue (again)-(The comfiest of comfy tights)
Maryjane Pumps~Born (Comfy also)
It's all about cute clothes & comfort for me!

I'm off for some shopping today, can you guess where? :wink.wink:
Followed by lunch and a hopefully a trip to "WholeFoods"!!!!!

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  1. I love your yellow coat! I've been looking for one for sooo long. No luck as yet. :(


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