Favorite For Friday

I know we all have a favorite outfit. Right? You know when you wear a certain outfit, your in a certain mood? Ya know what I mean? One of those feel good dresses? Anyways, this jumper-dress is just that. It is just one of those ensembles that makes me feel good when I wear it. It's not a new outfit really, each piece I've had for sometime now.
I promise I'll get better at picture taking. This camera is so sensitive!! Again, I apologize for the burr-y picture. I must adjust the stabilization? I guess I'm a little shake-y.......darn coffee!

Knit Jumper (old)~Forever 21
Sweater Tights~Hue
It's just so, so comfy. It's one of those outfits I wish I could wear everyday, well maybe not everyday, but every other day? *lol*
Happy Saturday!

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