I'm All Black And Blue...

...but in a good way, of course!
I'm just getting over a miserable head cold thing-y.
First I thought it was allergies, but then I thought nah, it's a...cold?
I hate it when I can't really tell the difference.
I never used to get allergies, just within the last few years.
I'm feeling much better though.
There are lots of "bugs" goin around, huh?
Today was errand day, a pretty day too!
(Hey Boo-Boo kitty, I see you over there. Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning away!
Love you Boo...mwah!)

Knit Tank~Anthro(ric rac)
Boots~Anthro(miss allbright)
Bag~Thrifted(g.h. bass)

WoW....I didn't realize everything I wore today were Anthropologie's. Not until I started typing :)
Well, the bag was thrifted though *lol*


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