If You Couldn't Have Guessed Already...

... I am a huge fan of Emily Martin!
"The Black Apple"

"The Milkland Bandit"
My very favorite.

Her blogs, one fashion-y and one arts-y, are so refreshing! I enjoy visiting her frequently.
I think it was just about two years ago, I found her blogs.
She is such an inspiration to me and so many others. Her and I have so much in common, we could have been seperated at birth, if I wasn't a bit older ;)

"Red Ribbon Rescue"

"The Restless Stroll"

I just wanted to share a few new paintings of hers. She updates her shop every month or so with such fun things. She hand-makes all of her dolls ( which are very popular) to her fans-"applets". Each one of her paintings tell a story, each in your own way. I can't say enough nice things about her and her talent. She's just the sweetest lady!

Each painting credited to Emily herself!
"Little Onion Boy" He's my 2nd favorite ^

Happy Monday!

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