"My Storybook Chateau"

Nah....not really my home, but oh how I WISH!

I'd love to live in France, and walk my pet miniature Donkey that I would name.....ummm... "Higgins!"
yeah, I'd name him Higgins :)
he'd have two french baskets on either side of his back.....
and him and I would walk through the woods-y trails from my Chateau, to pick up fresh pastries & flowers
at the local little french village.
Silly wish, huh?

Now coming back to reality I'd like to share a sneak-peek of our very
own Storybook Chateau:

"The Front Porch"
These pics are kinda old. We've made alot of little changes over the years.

But I do walk down the street with my doggy "Meghan" to my local market
to pick up milk & donuts! With my handy-dandy-little-granny-grocery-cart...
It's kinda woods-y in my neighborhood!

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  1. Love the porch. Now I wonder what the inside of your home looks like:)


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