Dumplings & Macaroni Anyone?

Longggggg day at work yesterday! It was nice to come home and have Mr. Friend have
dinner ready for me?

Me: " Homemade, Chicken & Dumplings?"
Him: "Yup! Slow Cooking for 6 hours!"
Me: "Yum."
Him: "Should I make Macaroni & Cheese as a side dish?"
Me: "....?"

I have to admit it was pretty funny.
He doesn't cook a whole lot. But he tries :) We all know that chicken/dumplings does not need a side dish. I laughed!
BBQ, is really his expertise! But it was very, very grey and rainy yesterday. He made the right choice on making me one of my all time favorite comfort foods. It just goes hand in hand with this weather we're having. It was delicious, by the way!

Oh and girl-scout cookie time? Ugh!

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