Story Of A Brooch...

... so the story starts:
My mother & father lived by a old woman for years.
My mother always said over the years that this little old woman that lived next door was a dancer back in the day.
She was actually a grumpy old woman, I guess alot of it was because she was alone. My mother would say that she never seen anyone visit her.
Well....years passed by and she was put in a retirement home, as she wasn't able to take care of herself any longer. My mother had mentioned that her friend was having an estate sale soon and selling most of her belongings.
Well..turns out that she was a dancer for Bob Hope, when he toured around the world to sing for the soldiers in World War 11.
Her name was Delores Gay, and she was so very beautiful, back in her day. Her friend told my mother that she would let her and I sift through her belongings before the actual sale to the public. Because I was so intrigued about Delores's story and history, her friend had given me
her scrap book of pictures and memorabilia.
She told me she could tell I would treasure her things and her story. I guess Delores had no family at all. That part made me sad, I'd wished now that I had gotten to know her better. My only knowledge of her was that she was this little grumpy old lady that lived next to my parents house.
I found so many lovely things of hers, I will never, ever part with.
I have a pair of her dancing tap shoes that are SOOOOo tiny. A Make-Up compact that was engraved by a man she loved, that I later found out had been killed :(
This brooch along with other beautiful pieces of jewelry.

Below is a photo of her on the set of Charlton Heston's "The Ten Commandments", with two priests, wearing (my-now) special brooch. For some reason or another, she loved this brooch. Since she had kept it for 54 years!
I feel so very lucky and honored to wear it.

Here is a photo of her and Harpo Marx.
These are pictures of the actual pictures, so they aren't the best.

Isn't this photograph breathtaking?

Goodness....she was beautiful.
Oh.. to have lived back in this time-era!
Even just for a day?

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