Two Dresses

Dressed up, and no where to go :(

I'm back to work... it's ok though, I'm actually glad. I was getting kinda bored.
When all my tinkering around the house is done, house is clean, garden has been tended to, I was ready to head back. I usually take a couple weeks off, three times a year. April, August and December are my "months" I take time off.

I do have a couple of new dresses to share. I haven't been able to wear them yet though. Hopefully I'll dress up and have some where to go this weekend.

A corner of our bedroom last night, I thought looked really pretty.

I just love lamp light!


  1. Beautiful new dress! Did you get to wear it? I know what you mean about the lighting sometimes just making something so pretty - glad you took a snapshot of it.

  2. so sweet! the color of your bedroom reminds me of the blue that i posted about today! so lovely.


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