Oh To Be In Paris!

Come on California....It's too, much too early for summer!
It's APRIL! For goodness sake!

I can't stand the triple digit weather! I know it was only in the 9o's today, but....ugh!
I can't handle it! Please oh please mother nature, don't cheat us on our spring!

Why do I live where it gets so hot?
I'm not ready to put away my cardigans, tights and boots. Sigh.

Can I just move away to somewhere like here: ?Somewhere I can wear sweaters and boots everyday!
Dress just as these lovely ladies are?
Those hats
Those dresses
The shoes
oh my!

Isn't she just the prettiest gal you've ever seen?

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  1. LOVE these looks! I know what you mean. While I do enjoy the warm weather because it feels better I prefer dressing for cooler temps - so much more fun!


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