Love Cats ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫

Such a great song!

♥ the 80's!
In case you didn't know :)

My Buttons
My Lovebug
My Juno
My Pumpkin
My Goose
My Squirrel

Yes, this is my JuneBug!

I love this little thing so much...makes me wanna cry! *lol*

Have you ever loved an animal so much?

Is it possible to love an animal so much?

She's just the sweetest feline on the planet. I've always, always wanted a "lap" cat, but you know how it is. When you bring a cat into your home, it's pretty much a gamble on what your gonna get. I have two cats, one loving, one snobbish. I love them equally BUT, I can say that I do favor one over the other ;)

Well how did I get so lucky? I've never, ever, ever owned a cat that loved me so much. A feline that wants to eat everything on your plate? A feline that wants to be every where you are? A feline that lays on top of you when your sleeping?

I know this isn't the kind of cat that everyone would like to have.
But for me?
I'm in heaven!

Have you ever sacrificed comfort, for the comfort of your cat?

Pushing your bladder to its very limits to accommodate a warm feline that's constantly sleeping on your lap?
Anything for you buttons!

I love you so much...!!!

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