Pay It Forward

This is a copied post from LittleByrd's Blog.
Such a great idea.
Join in on the fun, while supporting each other!

Photo Courtesy: MostlyMod
This is one Aimee's beautiful pictures from her Etsy shop.

Miss Aimee of Mostly Mod blog had a wonderful idea:

"Do you have an etsy shop you would like for me to post on my side bar? If so, please send me one sample photo here of what you sell & your shop link. Any support we can give each other during these hard economic times helps! So lets start a trend on our blogs and support each other for free. Join in the fun."

Photo Courtesy: LittleByrd
One of my favorite treasures over at LittleByrds Etsy shop.

I took Aimee & Rebekah up on the offer and want to offer the same thing on this blog.
Do you have an Etsy shop or self run business you would like me to add to my sidebar? Send me an email or leave me a comment here and let's do it! I've added Aimee's & Rebekah's already and they have added mine.

Let's keep it going!


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