My Vows

Yes, my friends it is Earth Day therefore I shall join in and share my vows with my blogging friends. I do try to do my part in sparing the air and what not. But Im not one of the crazy earthy "GO GREEN" peoples either.
Please don't take that the wrong way cause I really do care.

1. I wish I drove a hybrid (good intentions count?) ;)
2. I do recycle my water bottles.
3. I don't leave the water running while brushing my teeth.
4. My A/C in the cottage is always set 78 (saving energy)?
5. I have my new little coffee-cozy from a sweet blogging friend-littlebyrd,
this way I'm not throwing out all of those cardboard sleeves everyday, thanks Rebekah!
6. I even bring my own coffee-cup to the Bux, when I think about it :)
7. I have some wonderful grocery store reusable bags from Whole Foods that I use all the time while food shopping.
8. We've installed a drip system for the garden!

That's all I can think of off the top of my head.
Just a tiny list of the things that me feel good, doing my teeny-tiny part.

Was listening on the radio, a survey studied that if you do not sing in the shower you will save like 100 dollars a year, saving water.....bahahahah. Thought that was funny!
No more singing in the showers people!!!!

~Happy Earth Day Lovely Readers~

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  1. Every little bit helps! I am happy you have your cozy - I love using mine too :)
    And don't you just love the resuable grocery bags? They have to be one of my favorite things.


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