Mail Happiness!

Yes, it is true!
I LOVE mail!
I mean who doesn't?

Three lovely things, on its way, in the mail for ME!

Completely unintentional....but, actually,
now that I've collage'd them all together, they might make for a very quirky-sweet, lovely outfit!

Good time to kiss the mailman!

Top~ Total clearance sale, courtesy JCrew!

Skirt~ Made from reclaimed vintage men's trousers (how sweet is that)!! Super-DE-duper clearance, courtesy Anthropologie!

Mary-Jane's~ Great deal, courtesy of Nordstrom's
I love good deals, which I don't get often enough.



  1. I love the lipstick red shoes!

  2. Gorgeous!!! I think it is going to make a super sweet outfit. Makes me want to get online and do a little shopping now ;)


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