Old Things & Iced Coffee

My goodness...it's Wednesday already?
Where did the week go.
Well, it was a four day weekend huh? That always makes the week feel soooo much shorter.

I attended the most lovely antique street faire this past Sunday.

I photographed some of my finds :)

This show was perfectly located! A small town really close to the bay, so the fog was above. Making the morning so crisp and cool. Centrally located in old downtown with charming little cafes along each side. I had a wonderful day!

I know I been obsessing on little moss terrariums lately.
Somethings that's been around for decades, and they have been just recently been brought to my attention.

The round one of the left is sitting on top of an old lamp base that I bought too.

I actually made these two myself!
I picked up these two beautiful vintage


Lidded jars at the show,
and found some of my own moss growing around our fish pond.
Didn't they come out lovely?
I'm so proud of myself :D

Then I came along to this beautiful old children's sewing book. *sigh*
It's so precious, I knew I just had to have it!

Complete with patterns, and tutorials!

I found this vintage cigarette case.
I actually have a similar modern one I purchased from Urban Outfitters years ago that I use everyday for my drivers license and essential cards and what not.
Got to thinking as I walked around how cool it would be to use an antique one.
So I found this gold beauty, from Germany! Very pretty..I love it!

I have so many more things to share with you! Lots of sweetness for my shop. I don't have the time today to share. Lots of pictures to take. If time is on my side I will get to it tomorrow, and give you a sneak peak before I list them.

Now I'm gonna finish my coffee than run to ye ole P.O.

Happy Wednesday Lovely Bloggers!

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  1. Oh man, I love iced coffee! Your treaures are AMAZING!! I am going to make some terrariums too ~ loving how yours turned out. Yeserday I bought some babys tears for a few to make. BTW: also loving your total music selection.
    Have a wonderful weekend ~ hoping to see more pics of your finds :)


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