Shoppe Talk

I've been really under-the-weather these last few days.
Not up to blogging :(
Not up to much really...
Maybe it's the changing of the seasons?
I get a little depressed when it starts getting hot.
Today was better, cooler... so I crawled out of my shell :)

I had a wonderful day of thrifting!
Today and last Saturday.
I still need to photograph all the cool vintage books I've found. Books are a little tedious, picture taking, examining pages, copyright dates etc. I love listing books in my shoppe though. I've always been a book lover, it makes me feel so good to find these diamonds in the rough.
I'll get to it soon, I promise :)

In the meantime...
A snippet here & there.

Left to Right:

1.Sweetest Wooden Spice Rack
2.Vintage Framed Bird Print
3.Vintage Brass Hooter
4.Vintage Silver Swan Candy Dish

1.Vintage Tiffany & Co. Trinket Box
2.Vintage Square Mirror
3.Oval Ornate Table Mirror
4.Vintage Apothecary Jar

My shoppes not too far for you... just hop, skip & jump right here
See ya there...


  1. Hi Michele! You found some sweet treasures!!! Isn't junking fun? I love old books, too. The older the better.

    happy day,

  2. you did find some treaures girl! I always love seeing what you bring home. Books - yes, me too! The older the better. I just bought an 8 volum set of 1937 encyclopedias. I love old reference books the most!

  3. Oh - I hope you get to feeling better!!


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