What's A Girl To Wear

when it's almost 100' degrees outdoors?

Such a dilemma for me, a girl who hardly ever wears shorts or pants. I do own a few sets of shorts & pants. I do like capri's....sometimes, I don't know *sigh*. So in this case I make a HUGE mess in my closet searching for my Jams World Dress's. I own about 15 of these sweet little dresses and have owned them for years.
I still like them, especially with the high temps(like today). You feel like you should be in Hawaii or the Tropics. But hey, that's not a bad thing.
If any of you ladies come across a Jams World Dress, please try one on. There is really nothing in the world more comfy.
These little dresses are perfect for traveling. Great for the beach! You can wad them in a little ball in your suitcase and they come out just as they were. They have that kinda crinkled look anyways.
No buttons, no zippers just slip 'em on!
I feel very "Californian".
And I notice, they're a real eye-catcher, if ya know what I mean. Kinda flouncy and sexy, I guess. Which is not the look I'm going for! ha.ha- I swear!

But in all seriousness,
this is the best attire I can come up with in
triple digit weather


Hope your cool or stayin cool wherever you may be.


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