I Left My Heart In San Fransisco

Yes, it's true!
Spent the whole day in San Fran. last Saturday!
Great day!

Planetarium, Thrift-Shopping, Iced-Coffee and lotsa walking.

Funny little thing actually...... at one point during our trip, I was thirsty and started to find a coffee shop VIA GPS, she guided us to make the next left. We proceeded and snapped up the first parking spot we found....sat there a minute or so and I look to the right and what are we parked in front of?

This little bakery:


I gasped... looked at the hubby and smiled. He's like WHAT?
I had just thought about this little french bakery earlier in the day....thought how funny it would be for us to accidentally stumbled upon it. Go figure...huh?
Funny how things happen. BUT there is not a happy ending to this little adventure....
it was July 4Th and a tiny note hung on its door:


I sniffled a little, looked back at Mr. Friend in the car and gave him a pout lip :(

BUT..... it's OK. Now I know where it is and I'm sure I could find it again!

We'll be heading back to the city for this:


I'm SO excited!
I get to nerd out at an "almost" Etsy convention!

Anyone else going?

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