A Forgotten Camera

but not a forgotten day.

I had an incredible day yesterday.

Though I cannot share in pictures.....I shall share in a very short story :)

I was SO close to not being able to go to Renegade in SF....as my hubbers was called in last minute to work...leaving me to drive myself to SF? I do not drive in the city...I wont drive in the city....let alone by myself!

Two words:

Well...that's four words...

but I made it...hooray!

Of course my first stop was to find the "uber" cool and unique Emily and her Black Apple booth.
she was so sweet, very smiley and kinda shy. I thought so, anyways.
of course even prettier in person! Emily & Josiah had some amazing new treasures.... :D

Wonderful adventure!
I was exhausted in my return home. 100% worth it though.
So many wonderful artists, everyone very nice. I'm looking forward to next years!

I have so much packing to do with recent orders.... I'd better get to it!
Lots more treasures to be added to my shoppe,
I hope you'll check in now and then and see what's new!

Now to unplug myself from the computer for a little while ;)



  1. I knew if I were to find the scoop on Emily's booth, it would be here ☺ Gosh, I would LOVE to go to a Renegade. Did you buy anything?

  2. I so wish I could have gone with you. We will have to plan it for next year

  3. can't wait to see the new treasures in your shoppe! :-)


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