Shopping For The Shoppe!

I have a lot of new things listed in my shoppe! And... so many more, still!
The following photo's are treasures that still need to be photographed and will be soon I promise!

See any thing that tickles your fancy?

Any to your liking?

I must make a vow to myself that "No more thrifting, until things that I have already thrifted are listed in the shoppe".

I must work on this, as I am getting a little behind. Making it all build up and a little harder for me. I will get a rhythm, I'm sure. I have all sorts of cool little (and big) brass metal frames. They are all nicely stacked patiently waiting for their debut.

As always, Thank You!
Thank you for your interest in my shoppe. I know I've said it before and I'll say it again.

Hope your weekend is nice for y'all!
Mine is!



  1. ooh, what fun finds! i will definitely be visiting your shop again soon! if you're interested, i posted some pics of the cloche/silver displays that i purchased from your Etsy shoppe on my blog. thanks again for all the wonderful sweet details! you totally made my week :-)

  2. I stumbled into your shop...how that happens blogging I'll never know!


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